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Jesus & Beers: SHOTSHOW with Byron Rodgers, Jade Struck, Rich Wilkins, Joshua Manhke & Ron Holmes

By Virtus in Faith 43 views 7th Feb, 2024 Video Duration: N/A
We had church in the last place most would expect to find it...on the floor of the SHOTSHOW in Las Vegas.

Arken Optics (arkenoptics.com) was kind and courageous enough to host us gathering on Thursday, Jan 24, 2024 with tens of thousands of people hoping to see the latest from the 2A community, and trying to do business face to face.

Byron Rodgers, Rich Wilkins, Jade Struck, Joshua Mahnke, Ron Holmes and Stephen Prouse gathered to give Jesus the focus and attention He deserves, and to discuss matters that are pressing on all of our hearts and lives in the Industry.

None of us are perfect role models - all of us are the villain in somebody's story, but we're all washed by the blood of Jesus and our redemption story is on display for the world to see.

There's something in this discussion for everyone, and we all genuinely hope you make the time to watch this and forward it to others who need to hear the message.

Byron Rodgers - https://bravoresearchgroup.com
Joshua Mahnke - https://g9defense.com
Jade Struck - https://strucksociety.com
Rich Wilkins - https://patriotrichmedia.com
Ronald Holms - https://rykerusa.com

I hope and pray this blesses and encourages you for the fight raging around us. God Bless & Godspeed!

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