Are Free and Fair Elections a Thing of the Past?  Reviewing the Unexplainable 2022 Election Results

Are Free and Fair Elections a Thing of the Past? Reviewing the Unexplainable 2022 Election Results

The Gateway Pundit warned after the 2020 Election that if we didn’t address the election coruption and fraud at the time, we may never again partake in free and fair elections.   After last night’s Senate runoff in Georgia, we now ask – Are free and fair elections a thing of the past?  

Let’s review the unexplainable 2022 election results to date in some key states.


The state voted in 6 Republican and 2 Democrat US Representatives.  However, the statewide offices of the Governor, Secretary of State (SOS) and Attorney General (AG) were all given to Democrats.  How does this happen?

The US Senator, a well-liked man, Ron Johnson was behind most of the night in reporting and barely pulled it off.

Now compare Wisconsin to red state Missouri – Missouri also has 8 US Representatives and 2 are blue.  Yet, in Missouri, the GOP owns the statewide races, Democrats have no chance of winning, and the the US Senate race went to current AG Eric Schmitt by 14%!  What happened in Wisconsin?

What’s going on in Wisconsin?  This is the same state that mysteriously dropped 145,000 votes early in the morning after the 2020 election for Joe Biden to overcome President Trump’s greater than 120,000 vote lead.  Massive corruption was identified in that state’s election processes after the 2020 election and it looks like that will be the norm.


The state is red everywhere but in the Detroit area.  Somehow after massive corruption in the 2020 Election with two over 100,000 ballot drops for Joe Biden in the early morning hours after election day, the election processes were even worse in 2022.

The three most wicked women ever to rule concurrently in any state at the same time, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, SOS Jocelyn Benson and AG Dana Nessel all retained their positions.  All three were hated after their actions during the COVID pandemic and the 2020 election but it didn’t matter.  All three were handily voted back in.

This is Ronna Romney McDaniel’s (the GOP Chair’s) home state and yet the GOP was never there for the GOP candidates.  They were on their own.  But it really didn’t matter, the results in the key races were in the books.

The Democrats took control of the stae House and the state Senate for the first time in decades.  It is interesting after watching the presentation by Rudy Giuliani in the state after the 2020 election you couldn’t tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.  They were all so rude to Rudy.  Now they are in the minority.

The activities in Detroit didn’t get any better, they got worse.  GOP observers felt scared for their physical safety during counting again this year.  Ballots were flying in from everywhere.  There were no controls once again.


Pennsylvania was much like Michigan.

The wildest race in the country was the US Senate race in this state where the Democrats backed a man who doesn’t understand you and can’t communicate with you and can’t talk or think.  He is severely damaged from a stroke several months ago.  Before that, he was a hoody-wearing politician who looks like an over-aged juvenile with radical communist ideas and fantasies of opening prisons and letting criminals run free in the state.

Somehow this guy beats a well-known and admired doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, with now 100 times the mental capacity of the Democrat’s John Fetterman.

This was the most in-your-face election win in the country.  It was communists shoving their election abuse in your face and they loved it.

The governor’s race was given to a man who in 2020 as AG guaranteed before the election that President Trump would not win the state.  After a million votes were manufactured after election day in 2020, many with GOP observers removed from the counting room, Joe Biden scored a stunning victory.  Truly stunning.

The state is reportedly red with the exception of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.


As we all know the election there was a travesty.  The corrupt SOS, Katie Hobbs, certified the corrupt results in the state only two days ago, including certifying her win as governor.  Hobbs certified the uncertifiable results in her state in 2020 as well.  She just happens to be a crooked Soros-backed SOS.)

Despite rampant election issues seen on camera on election day in Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located and 60% of the state’s population, the key state positions of Gov, AG, SOS and US Senator were all given to Democrats.   This was after 30% to 60% of voting machines in Maricopa not working that day.

Romney-McDaniel’s GOP was nowhere to be found.  They left town after the votes were finally counted days later.  Kari Lake and Republicans had more than 72% of ballots on election day but Katie Hobbs somehow won more votes after election day.  The fake news will not report this.  The GOP does not care.  They are planning their next retreat.

Court cases will be filed.  Kari Lake will not battle the fraud.  The likelihood of corrupt judges overseeing the cases is high.


This state is a case study on how to run a corrupt election.

The corrupt SOS who claims to be a Republican, Brad Raffensperger, ran the 2020 election and ensured President Trump’s loss in the state three days after the election after saying President Trump basically won and there was no changing that the morning after the election.

Raffensperger then lied on a call with President Trump and said he would review the issues raised by the President’s auditor but he never has.  Instead, he released pieces of the phone call in an effort to slander and besmirch the President.

Now two years later, Raffensperger and Governor Kemp, the two men who certified the corrupt and uncertifiable 2020 election for Joe Biden, ran away with their primary races.  At the time Georgians were saying no way did this happen.  Both were hated after their corrupt actions in certifying the 2020 election.  Both then were awarded their races easily in the general election.

Then comes Herschel Walker.  A good man and great American football hero.  His only fault was that he liked President Trump as a friend and ally.

If you were going to mess with a candidate you hated, you would do what happened to the great Herschel Walker.

You’d build a strategy to besmirch him that included former girlfriends and even family members.  Then you’d have him get really close in the election so that a runoff was necessary.  Then you would have him campaign for another month and then on election night you would make the race close.  You would even give Herschel the lead for a time.  But then at the 90% mark, while you were dangling a win in front of him, you would award the race to the communist Reverand who received $24 million in donations laundered by unemployed individuals across the nation before the race.

Georgia’s Heisman Trophy winner had an election win taken from him. And that is exactly what happened.


We know without a doubt that the leadership of the GOP hates President Trump to this day.  They always have.  They are happy to join with the corrupt and now communist left if it means defeating President Trump and his supporters.  The GOP believes Trump voters will support a Karl Rove-endorsed candidate the next time around.

The setup for another Presidential election is in place.  The states noted above are all set up for a corrupt Democrat win in 2024 and for decades to come.  The American dream is dead.  Fraud is the new reality.

America is no longer run by politicians who care for the good of the people in the country.  America is no longer ruled by politicians who even debate their opposition or pretend to care about improving the lives of fellow Americans.  America is run by corrupt individuals, corporations, and non-profits whose goals are to obtain power.

Joe Biden could run in 2024 but it doesn’t matter.  The 2024 election is already over unless material changes take place across the country and quickly.

If elections are now manufactured, the 2022 election really showed it. 



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